Monday, 28 May 2012

Tenerife Street View

Google Street View in Tenerife

Google's Street View car has been all over Tenerife, including the road through Mount Teide National Park, the whole of which is worth exploring. But there are lots of other places that are worth looking at in Google maps.

Click on the links below. When the placemarkers have opened, select more and go to Street View to see some amazing views and fascinating locations.

The cliffs at Los Gigantes - the highest cliffs in Europe.
The coast at Garachico - a town inundated with lava in 1706.
The bridge over Barranco de la Orchilla - a deep gorge in the south of the island.
Caves for workers at Chimiche quarry - carved out of the local pumice.
The bridge at La Cisnera - how does it stay there?
A lava tube in the Corona Forestal - once filled with molten lava, now an empty tube.
The road cutting near Montana de la Negra - black and white layers from Plinian and Strombolian eruptions.
The view of Teide across the caldera floor - just one sample of the views across the caldera.

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