Sunday, 3 June 2012

Porthtowan Tonemapped Panorama

Porthtowan tonemapped panorama

This week I have borrowed a Canon 10-22 mm lens from a friend. The plan was to shoot some 360x180 degree panoramas, but I was not careful enough in my first attempts. This panoramic image is made up from photos that didn't make it into a bigger panorama. It was stitched in Hugin from four tonemapped photographs that I initially processed in Luminance. I am very pleased with the texture and light. I am also enjoying the lens, so need to start saving my pennies. It seems I may need a wide-angle lens, a panoramic tripod head and some more ram so my computer can process the bigger panoramas! On the other hand Luminance, Hugin and GIMP are all free, so maybe I need to explore them some more before I spash out.

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