Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Exeter College open day

Oxford University Open Days

Last week, I had the privilege of accompanying a minibus load of sixth form students to Oxford University for an open day. Whilst everyone else was accommodated in the front quad at Exeter College, I stayed in the back quad near the room I occupied as a first year undergraduate. This is the view from the bedroom window. The other side of the room looks out over Broad Street. If you want to see the panorama from the Broad Street window, click here. I have happy memories of Exeter College, it made a deep impact on me as a student, but I was so taken up with studying and rowing, that I am not sure I really appreciated the college environment or the privilege of being educated at such a great institution. Perhaps that it why I had such an enjoyable trip last week, looking back at myself 23 years ago from what may be the midpoint of my working life. I wonder what the next 23 years has in store and how I will look back to today when I am 65!

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