Friday, 22 February 2013

A walk near Vilaflor to the edge of Las Cañadas Caldera

What makes a good walk? Pleasant company, a moderate challenge, good weather, beautiful scenery, getting away from the crowds, photographic opportunities? For me, the walk from the TF-21 near Vilaflor to the rim of Las Cañadas Caldera had all of those characteristics. If you want to explore some of this beautiful landscape, then take a look at this link to Google Maps. Each place marker is a link to a photograph, mostly interactive 360 degree panoramas on, but also a GigaPan. Alternatively, take a look at my panoramas and mini planets on Google+ or on Flickr.

If you happen to be in Tenerife and looking for a pleasant walk with stunning views, I can heartily recommend this one. Take plenty of water, some decent shoes and sunscreen, take it slowly and enjoy the views. This has to rate amongst the best short walks that I have enjoyed.

For more information about the geology of Tenerife, I am slowly building a web site with brief details of the locations we visit on a sixth form trip each year. The page for this walk is: